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​Church Gossip  *the movie*

                                  Sherry Collins was the perfect example of a Christian young                                                 woman. She excelled in high school and was granted a full                                                   scholarship to attend any college in Georgia, a nice change of pace                                     from her Columbus, Ohio background. One thing she vowed to do                                     was make God and her parents proud and that almost happened                                       until she has a moment of weakness that changes her life forever. Believing she will overcome her mess up with the love and support of her parents Sherry feels she can go on with her life, but once her little indiscretion is made aware to her Pastor she and her parents are confronted about it and as she confesses it comes with unthinkable results, her parents are asked to step down from ministry.

Devastated, Sherry vows I’ll never go back to church!? Mad at God, the Pastor and the church and even her parents for wanting her to continue to still serve God she distances herself from it all, until her life is in eminent danger. Sherry, realizing God has never left has a change of heart toward God and decides after four year its time to go back to church.

Ready to give God her all Sherry starts attending Pure in Heart Ministries, a church known for its gossip. Sherry adjust to the stares and whispers from a few of the women, but once her little secret comes to light will she run or stand and trust God to vindicate her.